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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I place my order online and pick it up in the store?
Yes, except for event wristband orders. You will not be charged for shipping, but will be required to pay New Jersey state sales tax. Please enter the payment address that is registered to the credit card or PayPal account that will be used to pay for the order. In the comment area, please note that this is a store pickup. The shipping cost will be removed from your order during processing. If you are ordering from outside of New Jersey, NJ sales tax will be added to the order. You will be notified when your order has been completed and is ready for pick up. Please note: if you do not put "store pickup" in the comments section, your order will be shipped.

How are shipping costs determined for international orders, and why don't they appear when I place my order?
International shipping costs are determined by the actual price of the postage, packaging and a small fee for processing. The cost of postage is determined by weight and the country of destination. After the order is received, it is packaged and weighed to calculate the actual postage/packaging costs. The customer is then contacted to approve of the shipping cost before the order is completed.

Why can't I view the status and order details of the order that I placed on the online store?
In order to view the details of your online order, you must first register for the site before placing your order. If you placed the order as a guest, you will not have access to the order details. You will however still receive updates via email when your status changes.

My order status is listed as pending, processing, on hold, etc. What does that mean?
Pending: We have received your order, but have not begun to process it yet.
Processing: Your order has been printed and someone is picking your order and processing your payment.
Pre-order: The item that you ordered is not currently in stock. You will be contacted when the order is in stock and ready to be processed.
On hold - Contact store: There is a problem with your order and you must contact the store by phone or email before your order can be processed. You should receive an email with further details and instructions.
Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled. The most common reasons for a cancelled order is a problem processing payment, the item is no longer available, or at the request of the customer. If we cancel the order, you should receive an email explaining why the order cannot be filled.
Shipped: Your order has shipped. A tracking number is included for all US orders and some International orders. Tracking is not available for USPS International First Class Mail.
Store pickup: your order is complete and is ready for pick up at the store.


Why are there shipping charges for purchasing pre-orders for wristband events?
A flat rate of $5.99 is automatically added to all domestic mail orders. We use a flat rate to avoid having to weigh every package and send individual costs to each buyer. This would result in a lot of extra labor and delays in getting the orders shipped. Wristband mailings, although less costly to ship, are actually more labor intensive than mailing out a typical CD or LP order. We offer the mail order option for events as a convenience to customers that live a distance from the store, allowing them to reserve their entry spot to an event without having to drive to the store to pick up the wristband.

Is a wristband always needed to attend performances and signings at Vintage Vinyl Records?
No. Some events are free and require no advance purchase. Other events require the attendee to pre-order or purchase a specific title from our physical or online store in order to receive the wristband that will allow entry to the event. Wristband event purchases are non-refundable, just like a concert ticket, unless the event itself is cancelled. Contact the store or check our website to inquire about wristband requirements for a specific event.

I ordered a wristband but then didn't attend the event. Can I have my money back?
No. Wristbands and wristband-related items are non-refundable. If we shipped you a store receipt with your wristband, you can still bring it to the store to pick up your pre-ordered item, but it will not be signed. You can also mail your receipt to the store, and we will ship your item. You will however be charged again for shipping. Please contact the store to arrange payment. Do not send cash in an envelope.
If we were holding your receipt for pickup at the event, we will ship you the pre-ordered item, but it will not be signed.

I already purchased the new record from the band's website. Can I use it to gain entry to a wristband event?
No. Items purchased from the band's website or other retail/online vendors cannot be used to gain entry to events that require a wristband. Wristbands are only issued for pre-orders/purchases made at Vintage Vinyl Records, Fords, NJ or from our online store at


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