Vintage Vinyl Records: Epica - The Quantum Enigma (Deluxe)

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Epica - The Quantum Enigma (Deluxe)

Title: The Quantum Enigma (Deluxe)
Artist: Epica
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Additional Information:

Delxe edition 2-CD!

Track Listing
CD 1:
01. Originem
02. The Second Stone
03. The Essence Of Silence
04. Victims Of Contingency
05. Sense Without Sanity
– The Impervious Code
06. Unchain Utopia
07. The Fifth Guardian - Interlude
08. Chemical Insomnia
09. Reverence – Living In The Heart
10. Omen – The Ghoulish Malady
11. Canvas Of Life
12. Natural Corruption
13. The Quantum Enigma
– Kingdom Of Heaven Part II
14. In All Conscience (DELUXE ONLY)
01. Canvas Of Life
02. In All Conscience
03. Dreamscape
04. Natural Corruption





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