Vintage Vinyl Records: Stalk-Forrest Group - St. Cecilia: the Elektra Recordings

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Stalk-Forrest Group - St. Cecilia: the Elektra Recordings

Title: St. Cecilia: the Elektra Recordings
Artist: Stalk-Forrest Group
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Additional Information:

Stalk-Forrest Group is also known by a few other names. Blue Oyster Cult, Soft White Underbelly or Oaxaca. These are the first known recordings made by this group for Elektra Records in the late 1960s. They were meant to be the first album by Soft White Underbelly. Featuring Buck Dharma, the group eventually evolved into Blue Oyster Cult. B.O.C. sometimes played small clubs under the name Soft White Underbelly. These rare historic recordings should appeal to all those Blue Oyster Cult fans, especially Jude Crowbridge, who chanted "BOC really rules, man!"

1. What Is Quicksand?
2. I'm On The Lamb
3. Gil Blanco County
4. Donovan's Monkey
5. Ragamuffin Dumplin'
6. Curse Of The Hidden Mirrors
7. Arthur Comics
8. A Fact About Sneakers
9. St. Cecilia
10. Ragamuffin Dumplin' (Original Version)
11. I'm On The Lamb (Original Version)
12. Curse Of The Hidden Mirrors (Original Version)
13. Bonomo's Turkish Taffy
14. Gil Blanco County (Original Version)
15. St. Cecilia (Original Version)
16. A Fact About Sneakers (Original Version)
17. What Is Quicksand? (Mono Single Version)
18. Arthur Comics (Mono Single Version)




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