Vintage Vinyl Records: Tears For Fears - The Hurting (Deluxe)

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Tears For Fears - The Hurting (Deluxe)

Title: The Hurting (Deluxe)
Artist: Tears For Fears
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Additional Information:

This 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of The Hurting is the first serious re-examination of the album and its attendant singles. Comprehensively remastered at Abbey Road Studios and overseen by Roland and Curt, the new release adds the 1981 version of 'Suffer The Children' in four versions: 7 inch single, 12 inch remix, instrumental, and an unique version that only came to light in 1999 (issued on a promotional-only CD). Likewise, the first March 1982 release of 'Pale Shelter' also makes an appearance on CD 2 of this set, in both original 7 inch and 12 inch versions. Because 'Suffer The Children' and 'Pale Shelter' were later re-recorded for the album (with Chris Hughes and Ross Cullum producing), these early cuts were unique to the vinyl singles issued at the time, and the new deluxe edition marks their CD debut.
Other alternates featured on this 30th anniversary celebration of The Hurting include 'Change' (New Version). Roland says, 'I remember trying to convince everyone that we'd recorded 'Change' at too fast a tempo. We had another crack at it slower, but it lost something in the process.' Tape fans might recall this track being appended to the original UK cassette. Like much of the bonus material on this deluxe edition, it has never before been issued on CD.
Different recordings of album tracks 'The Prisoner' and 'Ideas As Opiates' (originally issued on the B-sides of some of the early singles) bring the total number songs on The Hurting available in alternate form to five (half of the album).

Disc: 1
1. The Hurting
2. Mad World
3. Pale Shelter
4. Ideas As Opiates
5. Memories Fade
6. Suffer The Children
7. Watch Me Bleed
8. Change
9. The Prisoner
10. Start Of The Breakdown
Disc: 2
1. Suffer The Children (original 7 inch)
2. Pale Shelter (original 7 inch)
3. The Prisoner (original version)
4. Ideas As Opiates
5. Change (new version)
6. Suffer The Children (remix)
7. Pale Shelter (original 12 inch)
8. Mad World (world remix)
9. Change (extended version)
10. Pale Shelter (reissue 12 inch)
11. Suffer The Children (instrumental)
12. Change (7 inch edit)
13. Wino (B-side)
14. The Conflict (B-side)
15. We Are Broken (B-side)
16. Suffer The Children (promo CD)




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